SQLiteManager : Web-based SQLite administration.

Features :

  • Management of several databases (Creation, access or upload)
  • Management of the attached databases
  • Create, edit and delete tables and indexes.
  • IInsert, edit, delete records in these tables
  • Management of the View, possibilities of creating a view from a SELECT
  • Management of Trigger
  • Management of the users defined functions, these functions are in continuation usable in the requests manual, as in the form of insertion/modification of data
  • Manual request and from file, it is possible of defined the format of the requests, sqlite or MySQL; a conversion is doing in order to directly import a MySQL base in SQLite.
  • Importing of records from a formatted text file
  • Export of the structure and the data
  • Choice of several display skin

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Last News

    To allow the largest number of contributing to the project, we decided to place the source code ...

    Following a request, I have just published an article to describe the installation procedure of SQLi ...

    After take many months, the media SQLiteManager resume with the support of some contributors.

SQLiteManager - Web-based SQLite administration
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SQLiteManager now is managed by the corporation WebInfoPro in order to remake to live this project all while remaining under license GPL


Vous pouvez nous contacter par email sur sqlitemanager@gmail.com

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