Installing SQLiteManager

Simplified procedures for installing Windows SQLiteManager Installing SQLiteManager on windows is extremely simple.
First download the latest version of SQLiteManager.
Make sure the SQLite extension is installed on your server, if SQLiteManager you know.
If you only want to use SQLite3 so start by changing the configuration, everything is explained in the page: Configuration Settings SQLiteManager

Unzip the file to the root of your webserver.
To know the root of your web server, apache!
Find the httpd.conf configuration file, then locate this file in the parameter: 'DocumentRoot'
A directory SQLiteManager-XYZ is created.

Point your favorite web browser to the server address followed by '/ SQLiteManager-XYZ /', everything must work with a test database pre-configured.

The database configuration must be readable and writable by the web server, by default the database is located in the directory 'SQLiteManager-XYZ/include /' posing a security problem and we will see different methods to improve safety on the page: Securing SQLiteManager
As far as windows we are not confronted with problems of access rights on files, as Linux or any operating system worthy of the name! we must assign rights!
Firstly it is assigned an owner name and group:
Let's start by looking for these names, under apache, they correspond to the user and group performing the service. to find them:
cat / usr / local / apache / conf / httpd.conf | grep User

The name of the user as a result of such User:
User www => is a user 'www'
Ditto for the group with:
cat / usr / local / apache / conf / httpd.conf | grep Group

Begin by applying these properties:
chown-R user: group / usr / local / apache / htdocs / SQLiteManager-XYZ /
replacing 'user' by your user name and 'group' by your Group.
Then apply the write permission to the database:
chmod u + w / usr / local / apache / htdocs / SQLiteManager-XYZ / test.sqlite
chmod u + w / usr / local / apache / htdocs / SQLiteManager-XYZ / include / config.db
chmod u + w / usr/local/apache/htdocs/SQLiteManager-XYZ/include/config3.db

Your server is ready!
For added security, please visit: Securing SQLiteManager

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Installing SQLiteManager
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