Installing SQLite2 on windows


Under Windows, installing the extension SQLite2 is very simple.

If you have installed PHP5, SQLite2 extension is installed as standard.

By cons, if you are using PHP4, you absolutely must have a version> = 4.3.0.

Start by downloading the DLL: php_sqlite.dll

then place this file in the directory containing the PHP extensions, the most often: C: php extensions
check this site searching for 'extension_dir' in your phpinfo ().

SQLiteManager dynamically load this extension.
If you have disabled dynamic loading (dl), or if you need this extension all the time, you must specify in your php.ini to load extension to START.

To locate your php.ini, look at the line 'Configuration File (php.ini) Path' in your phpinfo ().

open your php.ini, find the loading of extensions by searching the lines in which there 'extension =', then add a line:

extension = php_sqlite.dll

restart your web server.

View your phpinfo () you should see the SQLite

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Installing SQLite2 on windows - SQLiteManager
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