Parameterising of SQLiteManager

The properties modifiable by the user are located in the file:
All settings are commented out with their default values, if you want to change these values, remember to uncomment the lines!

define ( "INCLUDE_LIB", ". / include /");
can redefine the include directory of SQLiteManager

define ( "sqlite3", false);
If set to true, allows SQLiteManager manage databases SQLite version 3, attention you need to install the PDO extension and PDO_SQLITE. At present, the foundation manages SQLiteManager SQLite2 or SQLite3, but not both simultaneously.

define ( 'DEBUG', false);
Password SQLiteManager DEBUG mode, and then displays system errors

define ( "sqlitedb", "/ var / www / sqlitedb / config.db");
Allows you to specify the exact location of the database configuration for security reasons, it is preferable to place the database outside the 'DocumentRoot' see:
Securing SQLiteManager

define ( "DEFAULT_DB_PATH", "/ var / www / sqlitedb /");
Sets the default location for the database, meaning that new databases will be created in that directory, and the bases 'uploaded' will be stored here!

define ( "ALLOW_EXEC_PLUGIN", false);
Some plugin's have been developed by another developer, you can try but you can also develop other ;-)

define ( "WITH_AUTH", false);
Enables authentication, see Securing SQLiteManager

define ( "ALLOW_CHANGE_PASSWD", true);
Mode 'authentication', allows users to change their password

define ( "NAV_NBLINK", 10);
In data display mode, this parameter determines the number of links in the navigation bar

define ( "LEFT_FRAME_WIDTH", 200);
Set a custom width for the left frame

define ( "DISPLAY_EMPTY_ITEM_LEFT", true);
Used to show / hide empty items (view, function, trigger ...)

define ( "TEXTAREA_NB_COLS", 60);
Sets the width of long text fields (textarea)

define ( "TEXAREA_NB_ROWS", 5);
Sets the height of the textarea

define ( "PARTIAL_TEXT_SIZE", 20);
Sets the length of texts display partial

define ( "BROWSE_NB_RECORD_PAGE", 20);
Sets the number of lines per page in display data

define ( "ADVANCED_EDITOR", false);
Enables the replacement of a TEXTAREA advanced editor for the moment SPAWeditor. It is activated only when one is positioned mode 'HTML' to display data

define ( "SPAW_PATH", "/ usr/local/apache2/htdocs/sqlitemanager/spaw /");
Defines the full path to this producer

define ( "SPAW_TOOLBAR_STYLE", "sqlitemanager");
Allows to use another toolbar

define ( 'JSCALENDAR_USE', true);
Enable the use of 'jscalendar' for entering dates

define ( 'JSCALENDAR_PATH', '/ jscalendar /');
Specify the path to 'jscalendar'

define ( "ALLOW_FULLSEARCH", true);
Enables / disables the ability to use the 'fulltextsearch'. As a reminder, the syntax for this function:
fulltextsearch (columnName, 'searchString', caseSensitive)