Installing SQLiteManager in easyPHP 5.3

EasyPHP is a full Windows web server. This can be installed in your system or on USB key.
Following a request from a user, I would be writing a install procedure for SQLiteManager in easyPHP 5.3. I did not test, but it seems that this procedure also works with the other version.

Start by download easyPHP from and install it.

Define the root server as follows: K:\webserver

Start by uncompress the SQLiteManager archive in folder K:\webserver\ (the same place that phpmyadmin!)
Open the administration page of easyPHP

In "ALIAS", click 'Add'

Then fill out the form and

Your alias is created, simply repeat these operation for future version SQLiteManager.
Now he'll have to activate PHP extensions needed SQLiteManager.
Go to the configuration of PHP extensions easyPHP
Check the extensions:
Then click on "Apply"

Now restart the server, then start address: http://localhost/sqlitemanager