Creation of a trigger

To create a new 'Trigger', click 'Add New Trigger "on page Propriétées the database. sqlitemanager_trigger1.png

You arrive on the form for all the possibilities of creation. sqlitemanager_trigger2.png

After entering the trigger name, select a firing time (optional): sqlitemanager_trigger3.png

Choose what type of event you want TRIGGER: sqlitemanager_trigger4.png
If you choose 'UPDATE OF', a text box appears to enter the list of columns sqlitemanager_trigger5.png

Choose on which source it should trigger 's run: sqlitemanager_trigger6.png

Define a type of action (optional): sqlitemanager_trigger7.png

You can define a condition (optional): sqlitemanager_trigger8.png
If you selected 'WHEN', a text box appears for entering the conditions or sqlitemanager_trigger9.png

You can now enter queries that are run when triggered, enter it in the 'Step' being careful to complete each request by a ';'

You can use the values of the Trigger with the prefixes 'OLD' or 'NEW', these prefixes can be allowed in the clause 'WHEN' and the 'Step' and depending on the event:
The notation is NEW.nom_colonne or OLD.nom_colonne